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Dr. Erin founded ecoVerdant, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide public access to knowledge through understanding of science, technology and environmental conservation issues. Arden and Marnie both serve on the Board and are actively engaged in efforts that support pollinators and pollinator conservation. Through their efforts, ecoVerdant has successfully written and been awarded over $120,000 in grants directly to rural schools, and organized more than 10,000 donated community volunteer hours to support pollinator habitat conservation and youth outdoor education in East Texas.

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BM Dooney Farms is proud to support the frontier in honey bee genetics through 16andBee, a subsidiary of BM Dooney Farms as a non-profit organization and a citizen scientist initiative. This project was created and is managed by research scientists. The goal is to help beekeepers document colony traits and to establish a map of the honey bee genome as it interacts with the environment. This project will help beekeepers access, understand and benefit from the honey bee genome data.

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Jr. Beekeeper

BM Dooney Farms is proud to support the creation of Jr. Beekeeper, a FREE youth education program series targeting kids in grades  K-4th, 5th-8th, and 9th-12th. The Honey Bee Life Skills Lessons reinforces the concepts of cooperation and evolution for grades K-4. The Jr. Beekeeper Certification Program uses virtual beekeeping to teach grades 5-8 about the importance of honey bees & beekeeping. The STEM in Agriculture Program targets grades 9-12 with an online resource of Agriculture Education learning modules to assist teachers in incorporating STEM concepts into their classrooms.

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