Beeswax Lanterns – Small


100% Natural & Eco-Friendly


NY Beekeeper Art

Each lantern is hand cast by B.M. Dooney Farms with 100% organic beeswax, decorated with items from nature. All proceeds are used to grow our bees & expand our Apiary.

Every bowl is unique!

Bowls shown in the photo represent the currently available options.

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Every lantern is hand cast with time & care using 100% USDA organic, triple-filtered, unbleached beeswax. Each bowl is gently decorated using gifts provided from nature’s spoils. These natural ornaments are sourced for the designs, so supplies always change, have seasonal availability, and no two bowls are ever exactly alike!  Small bowls are ~4in diameter, 4in tall.

Intended for tealight size candle ONLY.


Add 1/4c rice to bowl base, place 1 tealight in the center. Comes with 1 LED tealight.

CAUTION:Beeswax is flammable!

Do not store near heat source. Do not leave unattended with a flame.

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single flower bouquets in variety of colors – white, pink, or purple
For custom orders: (315) 261-3044

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